Apr 222017
Arduino Robotics

This eBook on Arduino Robotics is really worth your time to look over as it deals with all sorts of fun projects like a wall following robot, segway type robots (list below) and just so much more. If you like it I hope you track down a real copy that you can hold in your […]

Mar 092017
433MHz Remote Weather Station Project - Phase One

Phase One of the Volthaus Labs 433MHz remote weather station project is completed. The data currently being sent to the RX (receiver) is Temperature and Humidity. The 1602 LCD display is showing the temperature data in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. While you’re reading this I have moved on to Phase Two which includes adding the […]

Jan 132017
433MHz Antennas

Using remote control for projects is always fun and gives your project that pro touch. One area of much debate is antenna design and use. I found this article that really does a great job of explaining the design and use of antennas with 433MHz modules. I found this at HOPERF. They make a wide […]

Dec 192016
Teach Yourself C++ In 24 Hours

A good e-book on learning to code in C++. You can click here to see it. If you find it useful please buy a copy from your favorite e-book seller. C++ in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (6th Edition)           Transparency notice: That is our Affiliate link. Referral Rate: 4.00%

Sep 102016
Quick And Easy NPN Transistor Tester

Do you ever use a transistor in an electronic project then pull all the components back off the breadboard and put them back in stock. And then when you’re ready to use them again you’re just not really sure it’s still in working condition. It’s a frustrating learning situation when building an electronic project and for […]

Sep 082016

If you’re looking for a robotics project to build. And if you want to be fun, quick, and easy this is the robot project for you. I found it at https://www.hackster.io/lovelyideas-in/arduino-remote-car-using-bluetooth-hc-05-android-app-control-3da97d  Mr. Jones Kys did a wonderful job developing this. Everything you need is available for download, including the Arduino sketch, schematic, and Android app. Bill Of Materials: […]