Volthaus Kits and parts for electronic projects:

Volthaus Electronic kits are unique, complete with all components needed to build entertaining and educational devices. We design the Printed Circuit Boards right here in the lab using CAD. Our printed circuit boards are made for us by Elecrow. Very happy with the quality work.

Our newest kit is our ATtiny85 powered fully automatic Stop Light kit.

 Perfect for parents and children to have fun learning electronics making a fun night light!


And our other offers:

Automatic Night Light KitOut Of Stock

Everything you need except for the 9v battery. Our Automatic Night Light Kit is great fun, educational, and functional. And you can turn it into a keepsake for years of enjoyment. Put the bulb in the cowboys campfire, the Statue of Liberty’s torch. Using your creativity this could become a treasured keepsake for your child, or help you in the bathroom in the middle of the night. It comes with a detailed schematic and can be easily upgraded to a motion activated night light. Order yours today!

See the excitement coming!
This kit includes:

  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator (1)
  • 0.33uF ceramic capacitor (1)
  • 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (1)
  • 820 ohm resistor (1)
  • 100k resistor (1)
  • LED – Bright red (1)
  • TRANSISTOR 2N3904NPN (1)
  • GL5528 LDR: Light Dependent Resistor aka
    Photocell – Photo Resistor – Bright (10Lux)
    (KΩ): 10-20 Dark Resistance (MΩ): 1 (1)
  • 9 volt battery snap high quality (1)
  • Mini-Bread board (1)
  • Hookup wires (3)
    Colors May Vary

$9.99 + .99 s&h (We ship to U.S. only from Austin, Texas)


Motion Activated Alarm Kit – Out Of Stock




Our latest kit is probably the most simple electronic project possible. And boy is it fun. These passive Infrared Motion Detectors (PIR) are amazing. Paired with the proper buzzer and a 9volt battery you will have an alarm that can do everything from alert you to a refrigerator raider to detecting someone trying to sneak into your motel room. Included is a detailed schematic and instruction sheet to help you with the assembly.

Infrared sensor with control circuit board


The legendary HC-SR501 Adjustable Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor.
  • Product model :HC – SR501 human body induction module
  • Working voltage range:4.5-20 v dc voltage
  • Static current : < 50 uA
  • Level of output :3.3 V high/low 0 V (this is the voltage the signal pin will send out when motion is detected)
  • The sensor has two trigger modes: L not repeatable triggered/H repeatedly triggered (the default H) You change the mode with a little jumper block.  (details in the schematic sheet)
  • Alarm activated time:0.5-300 seconds (adjustable) You adjust the length of alarm time with the little orange pots.
  • Circuit board dimension :32 mm * 24 mm

Also included is an Active Buzzer – 9V DC, 87DB (loud) and jumper wires to hook it all up.
We also included a 9v battery snap (high quality, not one of those soft ones that feel like they are about to tear apart when you disconnect them) and the correct jumper wires to make your connections to the mini-bread board a breeze.

If you are just beginning your journey into hobby electronics you can’t go wrong with this kit. It is simple and fun.  Really fun. Educational, handy, and great for pranks
This kit includes:
  • PIR passive infrared motion detector (1)
  • 9v Active buzzer (1)
  • Mini bread board (1)
  • High Quality 9v battery snap (1)
  • Jumper wires (5) male/female
  • Detailed instruction and schematic sheet
  • Colors May Vary