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Robotics (the book)
250 pages of current robotic information covering such topics as:
Design Basics – What you should know – Physical Design –  Design software – Tools and Equipment – Electronic Components – Mechanical Components – Building Materials – Basic Programming – Physical Construction – Construction Techniques – Components – Power Sources – Grippers –  Audio – Video –  Sensors – Navigation –  Collision Avoidance –  Exotic –
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Automation and Robotics

In this book for the optimization of assembly conveyor lines we are dealing with series part production featured by a medium complexity degree and a medium number of individual components and assembly technique alternatives.
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Advances in Robotics, Automation and Control
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Adaptive Control
Chapter 2: click – here
Character Recognition
Chapter 3: click – here
Predicting Surface Roughness
Chapter 4: click – here
Implementation of High Availability
Chapter 5: click – here
Fault Diagnosis
Chapter 6: click – here
Cognitive Approach to Control
Chapter 7: click – here
Attentional Selection for Action in Mobile Robots
Chapter 8: click – here
Estimation of Tire-Road Forces and Vehicle Sideslip Angle
Chapter 9: click – here
A New Load Adjustment Approach for Job-Shops
Chapter 10: click –  here
Discovering Strategic Behaviors
Chapter 11: click – here
A New Algorithm for Initialization and Training
Chapter 12: click – here
A Tree-Climbing Robot Platform: Mechanical Concept, Control Software and Electronic Architectures
Chapter 13: click – here
Modeling Virtual Reality Web Application
Chapter 14: click – here
Outlier Detection Methods for Industrial Applications
Chapter 15: click -here
Multi-Model Approaches for Bilinear Predictive Control
More chapters to come