Sep 102016
Quick And Easy NPN Transistor Tester

Do you ever use a transistor in an electronic project then pull all the components back off the breadboard and put them back in stock. And then when you’re ready to use them again you’re just not really sure it’s still in working condition. It’s a frustrating learning situation when building an electronic project and for […]

Sep 082016

If you’re looking for a robotics project to build. And if you want to be fun, quick, and easy this is the robot project for you. I found it at  Mr. Jones Kys did a wonderful job developing this. Everything you need is available for download, including the Arduino sketch, schematic, and Android app. Bill Of Materials: […]

Jul 172016
Level Shifters

  Working with Level Shifters Level shifters are a wonderful and very affordable solution when you have a situation where you have to interface a 3.3VDC and a 5VDC device. They are also called voltage shifters and they come in uni-direction versions where the signal only goes one way, bi-directional where signal goes both ways, […]

Aug 312015
Automatic Night Light

This night light does not begin glowing until the ambient light in the room is very dim. Others begin glowing when the light in the room is still fairly bright. If your night light comes on when the light in the room is still bright you’re going to be wasting a lot of the electricity […]

Aug 132015
Motion Activated Alarm

Electronic circuits don’t come much simpler than this.     BOM: (bill of materials) PIR – The Passive Infrared Sensor – Buy Now Buzzer – The buzzer that sounds when the sensor detects motion – Buy Now 9 volt battery and battery clip with leads Jumper wires to complete the circuit Optional – Solderless Breadboard […]