50% OFF the May Volthaus Lab Sale is over. But thanks to everyone who ordered an LM317VPS kit. Your support is incredibly valuable.

LM317T Variable Power Supply Kit – Reg $10.99 plus shipping now 50% OFF

All month long you can get the LM317T Variable Power Supply Kit for just $5.50 plus S/H
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New ebooks available:

Volthaus Lab Free eBooks

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

This book strives to quash the notion that the design and test of high-performance analog circuits are “mys-tical arts.” Whereas digital design is relatively systematic, analog design appears to be much more based upon intuition and experience.

In the eBook library – General Electronics

A plain-English introduction to surface mount nomenclature and packaging. Soon you will be speaking the language of Surface Mount
just like a professional. Click Here for your free copy.

Texas Instruments Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Texas Instruments Incorporated)

Texas Instruments Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference click here

Dec 01, 2015:

We’ve got our ATtiny85 powered Stop Light kits in and available for purchase. Check ’em out and order soon if you think you want one because there are now less than 10 in stock. More info on the kit page of click the image.

Stop Light Kit

We’ve added a new series of books “Lessons in Electric Circuits” by Tony R. Kuphaldt and you’ll find they contain useful information that is pertinent to the learning of the subjects of electricity and electronics and making of electronic circuits for projects. Check it out, it’s in the General Electronics section. And all 6 volumes are available for free download.

Lessons In Electric Circuits

They are works in progress so you can be sure that if any are updated we will get the updated versions online ASAP and we will post a notice.

We’ve been busy here at the laboratory lately tracking down eBooks to add to the library. Check it out to see the latest additions. We hope you like what we’re doing here. Also look to the left and you’ll see we’ve added a handy resistor color and value chart to help identify resistors. There are links to download it in various sizes, the largest of which is a PDF suitable for printing a wall chart. Thanks for dropping by and as Nikola Tesla himself once said, “See the excitement coming.”

New Kit Available

Stop Light Kit

New Biographies in the library Nikola TeslaThomas Alva Edison

Volthaus Electronics Laboratory is an exciting place to learn, create, design, connect and more.


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